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For convenience's sake, I'm going to post sample group pictures; I assume most are familiar with the look of these figures by now. If you would like close-ups, please post or e-mail.

All of these are authentic, not knockoffs, and are in excellent condition. I've noted tiny flaws if applicable, but they're all quite tiny and slight; I'm just trying to be a completist in my descriptions. I *would* prefer PayPal payments for these figures if possible.

Everything from Series 3 up is sealed in its original packaging.

Series 1

Sailor Moon: SOLD
Sailor Mercury: SOLD
Sailor Mars: SOLD
Sailor Jupiter: SOLD
Sailor Venus: SOLD
Black Lady: SOLD

Series 2 (the rare set, guys)

Super Sailor Moon: SOLD
Sailor Chibimoon & Luna: SOLD
Sailor Uranus: SOLD
Sailor Neptune: SOLD
Sailor Pluto: SOLD
Sailor Saturn: SOLD

Series 3

Mistress 9: SOLD
Sailor V: SOLD
Princess Serenity: SOLD
miko Rei: $7
swimsuit Ami: SOLD
school uniform Makoto: SOLD

Series 4

Super Sailor Moon: SOLD
Super Chibimoon & Artemis: SOLD
Hotaru: SOLD
human Luna: SOLD
swimsuit Makoto: SOLD
swimsuit Minako: SOLD

Series 5

Eternal Sailor Moon: SOLD
school uniform Usagi: SOLD
Chibiusa & Hotaru: SOLD
swimsuit Usagi: $7
pajamas Ami: $7
swimsuit Rei: SOLD


Images are linked below.

SuperS Private/Battle
regs #2, 4-11 | regs #12-19, 21 | prisms #1, 3, 21 (bottom row only)

reg set (18 cards): $10.00
individual regs: .65 each
prisms: $4.50 each

Note: I have duplicates of many of the regs and prisms and all of the sets here. If a card or set in which you're interested has been claimed in the comments, please post anyhow; there's an excellent chance I'll have another available.


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